XX LAB 002 Promo

RELEASE DATE 08th OCtober 2021
REF : xxl002
FORMAT : Video Clip + Digital Single

XX LAB Records is proud to present XX LAB ” A Scream Into The Future” a musical piece crafted and composed by François X during a moody evening in March 2020.

Popularly known for his 4/4 instrumental tracks, the global shutdown provided François X with social peace and precious time to dive into inner emotions and inevitably generate something unusual for him: a cinematic soundtrack. This musical piece is not that far from what people are expecting from him, as the inspiration draws from the irresistible fascination towards the emotional intensity of what nightlife has to offer: mild euphoria, social freedom and pensive melancholy; held together by a cinematic and blurry atmosphere.

The exclusive track led into a creative collaboration between François X and friend Anne Raffin (a famous lead background artist in the anime industry) who wrote and directed the animated video clip: 

A dystopian story where the human race’s heroic struggle for social freedom remains inevitably the key element for its ultimate survival.

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