After a first distinctive appearance in 2021 on the dynamic XX LAB compilation, Vel returns on the independent label leading this next release. “Era L” comprises a series of atypically structured tracks in which modern techno with minimalist tendencies becomes a model on which rich emotional soundscapes are carved.
Sensual and complex, Vel’s futuristic sound is well established throughout the “Era L” journey.

The obsessive “Inspire Me Jim” lays the groundwork for the alienating psychedelic vibe. Mixing lunacy and profound melancholy, the producer invites us on a sometimes tortuous journey, celebrating the female voice and its delicacy: “The world of femininity fascinates me.”
This key theme resonates powerfully in her complex music: “The tone of my voice, the sharp percussion, and many reverb”

In addition, four club titles properly nourish the heart of the EP. All of them carefully carry unique rhythms and unexpected drum patterns. Vel’s spontaneity surprises the attentive listener, and claims the ultimate end of classical techno variations. There are frantic rhythms, multidirectional percussion, futuristic sounds, a few dreamy pads, and still a lot of femininity and lunacy.”I look keenly for the unexpected, I try to explore sounds that challenge at first listen, creating  more