More Than 2 years after his last solo project, François X returns with an EP on his new platform, XX LAB.

Faithfully following the label aesthetic, the EP precisely reveal key themes of loneliness and self-identity quest, translated into a sheer combination of ecstatic and murky feelings accompanied by body bumping grooves. Recorded prolifically during covid this record unveils an innovative approach to techno from François, by incorporating modern pop and rap productions techniques he has developed over the period like arrangements and Vocal FX.

There is a profound sense of creative freedom in how François X’s music has evolved recently. Shifting from academic techno structures in his previous work, to a more brutal and edgy aesthetic, François has definitely unleashed his productive spirit.

The opening track “Forever’ N’ ‘Fever’ represents a prime example of this imaginative boiling mind, setting off the EP’s murky tone with its evocative trappish vibe. This driving effervescence brings out a remarkable plurality in the tonalities of the compositions, swinging between the prompt and fiery club-ready atmosphere of “Lone Wolf Cabin” to the ecstatic and emotive chemistry of “Shame Stare”. This paradoxical structure can also inform us about its creator, as a retranscription of the emotions that run through him. 

Challenging his role as an artist, the selfishness that comes with it and the limit of his dedication, François X is acting as a contemporary cow-boy, deeply entwined with his utopian dreams.

The musical output is accompanied by a 50 limited edition 7’ square clear vinyl, with an edited soundtrack of the EP, where each track is properly introduced by François X and one of the XX LAB representative.